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Interior Book Design

For those contemplating self-publishing, I can provide custom interior book design for your print edition using Adobe InDesign. I will work closely with you to create a style unique to your book, and I will set all interior pages, including copyright, title, table of contents (if desired), main content, and supplemental pages (author's note, acknowledgments, bio, etc.). I will provide you up to three sets of PDF proofs for your review, and a final print-ready PDF file.

Template Design

We also offer template fiction book design.

I need a designer

PDFABC Short Stories sample

PDFDivine Secrets of the Ta-Ta Sisterhood sample

PDFTrip of a Lifetime sample

PDFThe Picture of Dorian Gray sample

Non-disclosure Agreement

I will not claim any intellectual property rights to any material I may receive as part of our working relationship, and any personal information will be held in the strictest confidence.

Please note: until I receive full payment for the project, I retain copyrights to my design portion of the work. You may not publish any works that include my design work unless and until I have received full payment.